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Intex Builders Ltd.  has focused on building a range of apartment complexes crafted to the needs of neighborhoods and communities. Apartments multiply the potential of living space on a single piece of land. These provide accommodation for several times more people than non-apartment housing, and in convenient and coveted locations. 

The potential of responding to varying space needs within the same complex is another major advantage. Furthermore, the common facilities and space in an apartment complex has the advantage of scale and therefore adds value to every individual’s living. The convenience in terms of maintains needs no new mention.

To all this, Intex adds the touch of luxury and class to every square inch. For us, it all begins well before the drawing board stage in the choice of the location proximity to schools, shopping center, convenient public transportation connections etc. along with the essential quiet and security of a residential area.

Together, these represent value addition to urban living on the one hand, and creation of ideal neighborhood away from the bustling metropolis on the other.